Tarl Neustaedter Consulting

Computer engineering, mostly software, mostly operating systems and networks, specializing in high-performance device drivers. Currently employed by Sun Microsystems, Inc., working on Infiniband booting software.

My original plan in setting up this site was to go into the free-lance consulting business, but I've ended up fully and happily employed instead. At some point in the future, I may move into the consulting business at which time the following may become relevant again. In the meantime, the below summary is just for practice - I don't really have time to sell my services. But I do offer free advice, worth at least double what I charge for it (and money back if you aren't satisfied!).

Computer languages I've programmed in at some time in my life: C, Forth, JAVA, C++, PL/1, Modula-II, Pascal, Apl, Lisp, Snobol, Fortran, Basic, Cobol, RPG-II.

Assemblers I've programmed in:

Spoken languages: Fluent in English and Spanish. Some knowledge of Russian.

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