Other people named Tarl

Last update 2003-9-24

A number of people have the first name "Tarl", much to the surprise of each of us. Many are named after the principal character in a science fiction series - Tarl Cabot, in the Tarnsman of Gor series by John Norman. I'm not - I first heard about the series as a teenager and first read them in college. I've determined that I was named eight years before John Norman published his first book.

If you know of someone else who shares our name, send me email - not to tarl@tarl.net, which has been spammed to oblivion, but instead to tarl-spam at the same internet address. Oddly enough, this account is one which I decided to use for anything that might generate spam, but has never been targetted. My best guess is that spammers recognize "-spam" and delete it from their lists, so I have taken to pronouncing this address as "tarl minus spam".
The current list of known Tarls is: